What Was Said...?
"What Is A Friend?"

I recently attended bible study at The Vision Church of Atlanta, GA. I had a really good time and found the message to be very insightful. The topic was shifting your friends and focused on what a friend is and what a friend is not. I learned some valuable things and figured i should share them with whoever reads this. So here is goes:

1) Enjoying a person’s company DOES NOT make them a friend. It simply means that you have something in common and something to talk about.

2) There is a difference between a friend and an accomplice. A FRIEND helps you make it through and not destruct. An ACCOMPLICE aids in your destruction.

3) Your friends define what is normal. You become what you associate with. (ex. if all of your friends are obese, you see no problem with obesity because every one in your circle  is in the same boat.)

4) Your friends define what is possible. If your friends believe in you and your goals, then they help you to believe you can achieve them.

5) Your friends keep you accountable. They DO NOT enable destruction and chaos and they celebrate progress and success.

6) SILENCE CAN DESTROY A FRIENDSHIP. Never let issues go unresolved. Also the two people in the friendship must realize that they love one another to tell the truth and possibly offend.


An authentic friend is:

A COACH: They sit down with the team and come up with a plan. Help you navigate through life.

A REFEREE: They tell you when you are doing too much and not enough. They regulate.

A FAN: They cheer for your success and celebrate your progress.

I know this was a long post, but if you read it, I hope you got something out of it. I hope that this will lead people to evaluate their friendships (what kind of friends you have and what kind of friend you are being).

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